My blogging journey began in 2009 shortly after the birth of my first child - as a new mom, I was compelled to capture all of the amazing moments I possibly could.  It was apparent early on that time was now fleeting, that life was so much sweeter and I had a lot to say about it!

Our stories began to resonate with other families - moms mainly - and so my first blog (formerly was created and my new role as a mom blogger commenced.

At the end of 2014, I had some amazing opportunities fall in my lap.  The first was to become a wellness contributor for West Valley Mom Blog and the other was to appear on our local Fox Morning Show for a family fitness segment along with my kiddos.  That's when I realized, if I was going to start having an broader impact, and if I was going to incorporate my kiddos in these projects - well then - we are going to do more with our voices. 



Put simply, what started as a way to journal and share stories with family has morphed into a community of amazeball warriors so let's call it what it is.  In this small space of social media I have been so fortunate to find other parents and educators and friends with a shared passion for a better way of life.  As my kiddos have grown they are starting to be much more active in their roles as wellness warriors and I'm excited to have that reflected and have their voices become an even more active part of this blog. 

We have a shared desire to see healthier food choices, more active lifestyles and a commitment to building stronger, healthier more natural communities.  So let's do this!

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.
It will not lead you astray.
— Rumi

our parenting philosophy

  • we are a team - we teach respect, community, friendship, loyalty, discipline, fun and perseverance through this theme. we have team huddles and tribal chants, at times one of us may be benched, we take turns calling the shots. there are victory dances, there are tough losses to bear, sometimes there is heartache and oftentimes there is triumph - we try to tackle it all as a united tribe.
  • we have found great resources over the years to help learn more about energy profiling, strength assessments and natural parenting philosophies.  the common thread that works for us is to keep each child's individuality at the forefront and do our best to honor, respect and help them grow their own strengths while guiding them on how they can best use them to better the world.